Packages JS – Packages in Javascript

Modular javascript with Packages JS.

Step 1: Download it


Download 26 KB

Supports recent versions of all modern browsers. Read more.

Step 2: Learn it

Test page

Visit my test page. Check out the log output and view the source of the page.


Study the documentation for Package and Export.

Getting Started

Read the Getting Started Guide and build your first package. Export objects from your package and use them in another package.

Step 3: Use it

Let me know

If you used Packages JS on a public website, please let me know. Leave a comment on this page.

Reporting bugs

Same for reporting bugs. For now, leave a comment on this page with your bug report.

Share your work

Built a great package? Share it with the world, make it Open Source.



Open Source under a Creative Commons Attribution license:


Credits go to Alex Arnell, Dean Edwards, Tanny’O’Haley, Peter-Paul Koch, Matthias Miller, Ben Nolan, Diego Perini, John Resig, Ash Searle, Sam Stephenson, Dan Webb, Tino Zijdel.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring.